And It’s Hump Day Again…

This week is a slow week, and it seems to be dragging along as well. It is a good thing I can find things to do while in the office. It is great to get paid to do things other than work sometimes. Work will make up for it later, once this thing is ramped … Continue reading And It’s Hump Day Again…


8 January WOD

This was last nights workout, it was harder than it looks. First time is mine second is my wife's. Had to make this quick because she was going to get hair done and wanted to eat first. All for right now more to come later.

Yesterday’s Workout

This was yesterday's WOD, the wife and I both do the same workout which is reason for two sets of numbers. I am happy with my overhead press for sure at 65% of my own body weight I am happy with it. Will post today's workout after I finish it later on today.