Friday, so good for it to be Friday

For me Friday means its the end of the week, which is good, I need the next two days off in order to decompress. It is also nice this weekend because I get some alone time, the wife has to drill and will be in NJ while I stay behind in DE. This weekend is … Continue reading Friday, so good for it to be Friday


Hump Day…

And so we are half way through the week, and this particular week couldn't be more boring for sure. That is a good thing and a bad thing, on the good side because its boring I get to spend time getting knowledge, such as learning the system I am going to be managing the publications … Continue reading Hump Day…

15 Jan WOD

This is the workout, and below are the results from my Polar. Was a quick workout, but I like them best. I have to figure out how to shrink these photos and what not. Might have to upload them first and shrink them.