Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 Compact

Being a firearms instructor new guns are something I am always interested in seeing, and I was quite pleased to see S&W finally come out with a handgun which directly went after the Glock G19, with that said check out the video below from Clay Martin at GunsAmerica about said handgun.

I personally own the Full-Size M&P 2.0 and love it and would in the future like to add this because it is the perfect size handgun. S&W beats the hell out of Glock in terms of how it fits in ones hand, it actually seems to mold itself into your hand and doesn’t feel like you are holding a brick.

Just a quick update on this particular post, I have since gotten rid of the full size M&P, but do now own the compact size M&P, which has replaced my Glock and it might wind up as my carry gun, but it might now either. The one that I will likely be carrying all the time at this point will be my FN509, either the regular one or the new Tactical model which I just picked up.

Update to this, I wanted to love this gun, but I couldn’t, it was too heavy when compared to others I own which really just made it uncomfortable to carry. So I am back to a Glock 19 which I traded it for or one of the FN’s. They are all pretty much the same size anyway.


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